Adam White Self Portrait Underwater


Photographer Bio

Adam White – Owner / Photographer:

Adam is a nature photographer and avid outdoor enthusiast. He has a four year Bachelors degree in Marketing, extensive adventure photo expertise and underwater photography training. Adam established his photography company on the island of Oahu in the spring of 2004. With his creative eye and solid photography foundation, Adam has a gift for producing harmonious compositions that reveal a sometimes hidden beauty. Adam is the owner and founder of Island Images Photography LLC.

As an underwater photographer, Adam chooses to work with available light only. Disregarding the use of artificial strobes and flashes allows the artist the ability to connect with marine life in their natural environment with minimal disruption. In addition, all images are created while free diving (without scuba equipment) on a single breath of air.  Free diving allows Adam to limit the impact on his marine subjects.

Adam has been traveling and photographing breathtaking images for ten years. His love for the outdoors and all matters which encourage a more environmentally conscious society become evident in the scenes he brings to life.

“If only one person was to view a single one of these images and become moved to explore and preserve the endless natural beauty of the earth, then value has been added to our society, making my efforts a truly worthy endeavor.

Adam White


****Adam uses Nikon Professional Cameras and Lenses